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Pedestrian Crossing Sign

Pedestrian Crossing Sign allows to effectively protect pedestrians at crossings and in other dangerous locations.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Sign can be activated by a dual motion sensor witch activates sign only when the pedestrian is close to crossing section or in dangerous places.
  • Used radio track allow to connect signs on both sides of the road at the same time.
  • The most modern types of LED were used, while reducing power consumption and hence reduce the cost combined with energy efficiency.
  • Controller has a miniature switched mode power supply which allows for a redution in power consumption of approximately 3 times the standard solutions, also increases considerably the duration of action in case of connecting to solar power.
  • Used motion sensor have a very high resistance to false switching (eg by a passing car)
  • Sign has only 2 cm width.
  • Possibility to order a sign on a pillar 60 or 76mm.
  • Possibility to add active Cat's Eyes Reflective Road Sign.
  • Specially designed controller, through the use of modern control techniques, allows for an extension work with solar power by over 40% compared to the competition, which means reliable operation under all conditions.
  • The solar kit can also be ordered with lithium ion (more than 2 times more durable and twice the density mocyod gel or AGM - their purchase quickly return)
  • Photometric parameters designed in accordance with the standard: PN-EN-12352
Set includes:
  • D6 sign 600x600mm with pedestrian crossing.
  • Motion detector
  • Solar battery with the rack
  • Storage
  • Battery charging controller
  • Sign controller with radio path
  • Installation instruction
Set contains everything needed to mount the sign in a very short time (the whole assembly on the pillar does not take more than 30 minutes).


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