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Effective pedestrians protection system

Effective pedestrians protection system developed by DVS is the most modern and most effective system for the protection of pedestrians on the road. The main elements of the system are radars RDW-103 (or RDW-103BIG) and the latest sign D-6 with backlit for pedestrian crossings with dual motion sensors.
  • Increases pedestrian safety zone from 4m to over 150m.
  • Effective reduction of the speed with tens - hundreds of meters before entering the crosswalk, thus protecting pedestrians.
  • Highlighting a pedestrian crossing at 100% power when the pedestrian is nearby, which also operates on the quick response of the drive.
  • Informs driver about the possibility of the emergence of a pedestrian at a crosswalk - it is very important for safety especially in bad weather conditions
  • Possibility of using practically in every area of a pedestrian crossing
  • Displays any message (Be Aware: Pedestrian, Aware!, Slow down!, SHOOL! CHILDREN!) if a pedestrian is nearby the roadway
Principle of operation:

RDW-103BIG radars in normally conditions operates in standard and shows the speed limit B-33 sign, Slow down!/ Thank you! text, also the amount of the fine and the number of penalty points. D6 pulsator works all the time, pedestrian crossing backlight turns on in the night - that is also a standard action. System action is visible when a pedestrian approaches or enters the roadway. Then all backlit pedestrian crossing lights up several times more luminous, on D6 sign animation Pedestrian Crossing will appear and D6 will nofity by radio track RDW-103 radars which will show the current limit speeds (mark B-33) and will be displayed defined text (Slow Down!, PEDESTRIAN Crossing, or similar).


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