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Active speed limit sign radar B-33, type: RDW-100

  • RDW-100 radar measures the speed of an approaching car, also displays or flashes speed restrictions (B-33 sign) and warning SLOW or SLOW/RADAR (or another depending on customer needs)
  • Radar is used everywhere where we depend on a clear information for drivers about the locations at which should be particularly slow, such as school, kindergartens, proximity to residential areas, pedestrian crossings.
  • Radar after adding a camera imitation and flash very effectively imitate speed camera, which successfully affects drivers imagination.
  • Very low power consumption - the lowest in its class with very high brightness, which allows to use solar system as a power source.
  • Brightness of the display automatically adjusts to environment brightness.
  • Low weight allows to hang the radar everywhere also on street lamps.
  • Radar designed in accordance with standards for Variable Message Signs (EN 12966:1-2009)

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