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Time measuring devices

  • The driver will quickly react to switch to the green light.
  • Greater number of cars will drive through the intersection.
  • This increases the capacity of the intersection (studies shows that devices increases capacity of about several dozen cars per hour).
  • Increasing the flow of traffic.
  • When driver will see from afar green light and it's short time, it will reduce speed to safely get to the intersection and stop.
  • Since the last two seconds are not displayed, it will eliminate "street racing" (this feature can be turn on).
  • Since drivers will know how much time has left for red light, they won't feel annoyed.
  • Timers are also used for informing pedestrians how many seconds left to turn on the green light for them.
  • Drivers will not be driving to enter the intersection, seeing that it is congested and thinking that "I can still drive in".
  • Possibility of using separate timers for pedestrians at acyclic junctions.
  • Timers are built into standard indicator chambers, so their installation is very easy and fast.
DVS Company is a manufacturer of tree types of the displayers so the customer can choose which one will be the most suited to it's needs.

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