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Cat eye DVS

  • Very high brightness at the same time with very low power consumption causes the DVS cat's-eye has no equal on the market - a very important parameter while using solar power.
  • Removable upper part.
  • Wide range of color: yellow, red, green, blue, mixed green and red.
  • Constructed of the hardest (armor) materials which can withstand up to tens of tons of pressure.
  • Transparent cover causing even more spectacular look and increases more sacurity (visible even at significant contamination, eg. during winter)
  • Possibility to control the brightness so as to be visible during the day and not blinding drivers at night.
  • Multipoint (3-6, depending on the order) light source
  • Small size for easy installation (diameter 120mm, height 50 or 30m (SLIM))
  • Low cover 5mm - so the driver would feel only slightly hovering on the cat's eye.

Power supply 12 lub 24V
Power consumption max Only 0.3W!!!
Tightness IP67
Durability 12.5 tonnes
Colors yellow, red, green, blue, mixed green and red
Dimensions Fi -120mm, h=50mm lub 30mm (SLIM)
Height 5mm


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